Lutron Tensioned Shade – Bottom-Up Style

July 20, 2022

Situated in a Bedroom it’s a great way to have the option of privacy during the daytime, or still let the glorious sunshine into the room!
Plus, the added benefit of total blackout at night. Near silent operation and a discrete install.

After being given the brief from the client that the window treatment was to give privacy both during the day and night, we agreed on a bottom-up blind.
Most other options don’t allow for total blackout or allow for a neat install. The easiest and best solution was a Lutron blind.

‘Cassette’ system was easy to install and has been expertly concealed by the contractors on site. The headbox has been positioned so that the hembar is concealed when open and appears from a custom slot in the radiator surround.

Being concealed, access is restricted. Lutron was the best option due to their quality and reliability.

Project Manager Graham words: “Overall, I’m really pleased with how it turned out and the builders have done an excellent job to conceal it as they have.”