This is just a taste of what we can bring
to your project


Whether you are a home owner looking to include our services in your project or an architect, interior designer or building contractor; TwentyTwo Integration works alongside your design team to develop the integrated systems and seamlessly implement these within your project. Our team of experienced designers have a passion for technology and how it can be used to enhance a home.


Good lighting design can transform how a room looks and feels. Our lighting control systems provide you with simple control of lighting moods using discrete keypads and we work with your lighting designer to define these moods. As well as controlling the artificial light within the home, we design and install shading systems using roller blinds, roman blinds and curtain tracks.


Our aim is to simplify your life through the use of technology. Smart Home solutions are designed to bring your individual systems, such as lighting, heating, door entry, music and television into a single, straightforward user interface. As each home is unique, we provide a bespoke solution using a variety of user interfaces such as tablets, touchscreens, keypads and remotes.


Our audio and visual systems are designed with you in mind; providing you with the ability to access your music, films and TV content, wherever you are in your home, through discretely integrated speakers and televisions. At TwentyTwo Integration, we seek to provide you with solutions that aesthetically suit your home, as well as being selected on their performance acoustically and visually.


The ability to be able to be always connected via the internet or phone has become critical in the twenty first century. Our data networks, using professional grade hardware, give you access to your super-fast broadband connection throughout your home, so that you can seamlessly stream video and music, as well as use email or speak to people using services such as Skype.


Our CCTV, intruder alarm and access control systems are designed to provide you with peace of mind and to deter intrusion. Whether it is; viewing your HD IP CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world, knowing that a monitoring link is keeping an eye on your Grade 3 intruder alarm system, or seeing who is at your door before letting them in via the access control system.