AWE Motorsport Sensation 2023

August 31, 2023

The event presented a unique opportunity for a carefully selected group of integrators to join AWE and their affiliated brands for an exclusive driving encounter. During this event, participants had the chance to replicate the driving styles of renowned Formula 1 drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, and George Russell.

Attendees were given the chance to put the following vehicles through their paces:

GINETTA G56 GTA: This British sports car is tailored for victory, boasting specific enhancements by PalmerSport. These include a balanced 50/50 weight distribution, ABS, and traction control.

FORMULA 3000: This single-seater racing machine aimed to provide participants with the sensation of driving a Grand Prix-style vehicle. Its robust V6 engine emphasizes the mastery of downforce and tire grip.

CATERHAM SEVEN – PALMERSPORT EDITION: A distinctive iteration of the iconic Caterham Seven engineered for agile handling and precise driving. It is equipped with a 2.5-liter engine for a thrilling driving experience.

BMW M4 GTP: This high-performance production car features a 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine delivering an impressive 510 horsepower. It can accelerate from 0-60mph in under four seconds.

LAND ROVER DEFENDER: Participants took charge of a Land Rover Defender for off-road exploration, navigating demanding terrains that required skill and focused attention.

CATERHAM PURSUIT: An engaging head-to-head driving activity where participants engaged in competitive driving on a compact handling course using Caterham vehicles.

SODI GT5 KART: Participants enjoyed timed karting sessions, experiencing the physically demanding Sodi GT5 kart powered by a spirited Honda engine.

Stuart Tickle, AWE’s Managing Director, highlighted the eagerly awaited and well-received nature of the Motorsport Sensation event among dealers and installers. Past attendees have cherished remarkable experiences, and the event stood as a token of appreciation for their dedicated efforts. Stuart further commented, “Installers who attended previous events still share their stories with us today. Judging by the grins, sweat and spins it’s safe to say that this year was no exception!”

Our own Graham was in attendance and described it as an unforgettable experience, stating, “Big thanks to the guys at AWE for an absolutely amazing day. This is one of the best experience days for anyone with petrol running through their veins.”

Graham can be seen in a Formula 3000 below: