TPI Factory Visit

August 31, 2023

Last month, Adam and Marcus had the pleasure of visiting our friends at TPI Sound. Their primary purpose was to pick up an order of 14 amplifiers for a large cinema project, but they also used the opportunity to explore the existing facility and discuss plans for the upcoming new facility.

Giles Smith, the CEO of TPI, is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable individuals in our industry. Spending time with him is both exciting and inspiring.

TPI has a unique approach to design and manufacturing that sets them apart from other suppliers. Their background in aerospace engineering enables them to effectively utilize materials and technologies that others cannot.

In addition to witnessing their incredible attention to detail in the manufacturing processes, we had the chance to listen to some new secret prototype speakers. Despite not being the finalized product, these speakers sounded very honest and enjoyable.

The visit was truly enjoyable, and we are eagerly anticipating deploying our first system with them towards the end of this year. This deployment will involve using over 50 of their speakers. Furthermore, we are excited about the opening of their new facility later this year and look forward to visiting it.