Little Venice


This property incorporates the latest Control4 in wall and portable touch panels, as well as the Panasonic telephone system, to provide the client with easy access to the door intercom wherever they are in the house. The door entry system consists of three bespoke intercom points, which we designed to incorporate the 2N Video Kit SIP System and had faceplates manufactured by Focus SB, in a Jordan Bronze finish to match other ironmongery used at the property.  Control4 makes it especially easy for the home owner to know when someone is at the door, as the music from the speakers is automatically muted and a door bell sound is played through them instead, as well as the touch panels.  The screen on the touch panels automatically displays the camera from the call point and enables the home owner to press a button to speak to the person at the gate, to open the either the pedestrian or vehicle gate to allow access.

Control4 was a natural choice for this project and client, as they had a system installed in their previous home.  The 7” wireless touch panel in the media room enables the simple choice between using the large TV for general use and switching to the concealed projector and motorised in-ceiling screen for watch movies.  Additionally the integration of the Lutron curtain tracks and Lutron lighting control on the same touch panels means the mood for each event can be simply set.